In the media

After implementing TeamDynamix in partnership with Michigan Information Technology Services, students can receive their money in half the time.

“Working with the students has been great,” Lynne Ertel, an ITS business systems analyst, said. “CSG has such an energy and an openness, and they were all excited to implement a new ticketing system. Rather than being frustrated or bored with the problem they faced, they really put their energy into creating a solution with us."

I currently manage the campus news subscriptions program within Central Student Government. We offer The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, including the Games and Cooking portions. We have over 15,000 active subscribers who receive all of this completely free of charge, no strings attached.

"Students pay $9.19 a semester (in CSG fees). I ran the numbers, and they’re getting over $100 worth of value out of both of these (subscriptions) every year."

I debated with one of the Board of Trustees from Wayne State University on Sunday morning "Let it Rip" with Charlie Langton about whether students should get a break on their tuition for fully online terms.

CSG passed a resolution that I worked on with my coauthors to create policies on advancing equity and inclusion in organizations, targeted at high membership dues and discriminatory membership admissions processes.